next steps, part three

After six months of praying and then celebrating our first anniversary, we had our son in December, just days before Christmas. Atticus sits by me now, gnawing his hands and rocking in his Rock ‘n’ Play as I write. He is a spitty, happy three-month-old who is longer than he is chunky, and other than a surprise mild form of hemophilia, he is healthy. Leif and I pray that in God’s timing we will be given more biological children.

So why adopt? Why now?

It’s tough to answer those questions. We prayed and sought wisdom for almost a year and explored different options. We attended foster care orientations, made adoption consultation phone calls, and had long Skype sessions with friends who had been through the process. Speaking of which: it is complicated and expensive and daunting. We don’t even have a face to put to the “end goal” yet, and that makes it seem like a lot of effort for…we don’t know what.

At this point, we’ve read blog posts urging us forward anyway, because it’s biblical, and God has called Christians to adopt. But if we’re being discerning and honest, not every Christian family is called to do this. Just like not every family is called to spend a lifetime overseas doing international evangelism. That’s why we’ve been waiting and testing and checking that calling on our family. And I can firmly say, despite the obstacles, which testify (at least in Christ’s kingdom’s backwards way of things) to adoption being a great thing, we feel more certain than ever that our family IS called.

So what we know so far is this:

We want to raise any adoptive children in the midst of biological children. So unless the unexpected happens, we intend to adopt our next child.

We plan to wait until later this year to confirm a contract with an organization called Faithful Adoption Consultants, after which, if we are approved, we will begin the home study process. This consulting company is known for matching a family within 12 months, so unless we were held up at one point along the way on our side of things, we believe we could adopt within the year (2019-2020).

In the meantime, we are saving and raising money in several ways. Alongside reconfiguring our monthly budget, we are gonna do the t-shirt thing, have a donated goods yard sale, and sell paintings (check out the beginnings of my work on Instagram at @_artbydori and Facebook Art by Dori). We also pray that you would consider partnering with us in whatever way you feel compelled—to pray, give, or encourage us onto our goal by simply being excited with us.

One of my favorite preachers, Voddie Baucham, once said, “Adoption is about the gospel.” I’m realizing that. I’m realizing too that following the command of Matthew 28, go unto all the world sharing that gospel and making disciples, shapes not only what we do but how we do it. Doing hard things will shake you to the core and make you realize where you’re standing, on shifting sands or on the rock. Just like patience. No matter what, you’re going to have to wait, so you might as well wait well. If we’re going to follow the gospel in our actions, the how of doing it, the heart behind our obedience, is just as vital as the work itself. So our prayer, as we wait and as we continue to pray for next steps, is that our hearts will be trusting. Soft. Moved by His love. And above all, centered in Him.


Babel by Bruegel

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