on writing

the LitNar

DSCN1740Latest news from the notebook of education-class-discussion-despair:

A new creature rages in the classrooms of Language Arts teachers everywhere.

He is called the LitNar.

This mythological beast has a taste for twice-chewed words. Too, he has a bad habit of swallowing kids’ writing histories.

Be warned; it could happen to you.

The LitNar, in one yawn, opens wide his toothy mouth… and speaks in your old words.

He is a fearsome thing to take in public, particularly if he has consumed large amounts of journaling or vent-y expressive writing.DSCN1742

Thus, you must–for your own sake–keep writing and rewriting so, when this creature opens his mouth and regurgitates your verbal vomit, his words ring truer than before.

Should you choose to bring life to your very own LitNar (for, though uncreated by you, he does still exist in your mind), be sure to take responsibility: he must be fed daily.

*literacy narrative: a first-person account of your writing history [http://blackcolumbus.osu.edu/theProject/whatisnarrative]

ALOT (1)-this creature is of no relation to the ever-famous Alot, unless you use “alot” a lot-


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