(Un)alphabetized Dictionary of Things

Favorite things, to be specific.

Blue (noun)

Skywide paper you doodle on in cloud language 

Perks of Being a Wallflower (verb)

To lie awake on top of bedcovers, gulp down pages, and hear songs in your head, all while feeling very grown up

Irish Breakfast Tea (noun)

A state of earthy wakefulness

Fleet Foxes (verb)

To roll the windows down and smell spring on the mountains

Jane Eyre (adjective)

Having an underappreciated classic quality with a dash of midnight gothic, “it’s complicated” love, and pure humanity

Snow day (adverb)

When late-morning dreams are kindest to you; the hot-chocolating of an action

Painting (noun)

The art of exploding with bad art when journaling just won’t do

Stringlights (adjective)

Christmas-y; gentle; (noun) fluorescent-room fixers

Moose (noun)

The state of being artlessly oneself and antlered

Autumn (noun)

A long gray road along which trees bend windily into an orange state; also, a need for the taste of cinnamon in one’s mouth; (syn.) Bon Iver, Bon Iver or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Letters (verb) 

to smile at the mailman and get a paper cut while wrenching handwritten love from the case; to remember the days of thinking “manilla envelope” was “vanilla envelope” and admit — letters are better than ice cream


2 thoughts on “(Un)alphabetized Dictionary of Things

  1. Hannah P. says:

    Letters – yes. I’m going to start carrying our mailbox key in my purse so that I can check the mail as soon as I get home errday. I would give up ice cream for letters anyday.


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