august is the month of new

New textbooks. New schoolclothes. New classes, new professors, new living situations (if you’re away from home), new pens. Especially new pens. ~an annual excerpt from August: standing mid-school-aisle at Wal-Mart, begging myself not to purchase 10 dollar, 2-to-a-pack pens, usually-not-always losing said battle~

Hence high time for a new blog. My goal: a post a week. It is not the most ambitious, but it’s actually achievable, and who knows? With great discipline may come higher self-expectations. And more postings for you.

Oh, and hello. My name is Dorian Norman. I tend to go by Dori. Sometimes by my first name, Anais—rhymes with Renee—at the doctors’. But my romantic side clings to my full middle name and all its nuances. …It is Oscar Wilde’s (anti)hero’s first name, meaning “of the sea.” So very Greek…and as a pianist, I cannot overlook its musical meaning either via the Doric or Dorian mode. Many modes encompass the mathematics of music, and many modes and moods and broodings bridge the synapses of my mind, which I hope to share, because I think these cross your mind too. We are each and all human, yet unique. Let me share my peculiar wanderings and wonderings with you.


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